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Type 2 Variation 1 C
  For Bravery

Established on 17 October 1938, the second medal after the 20 years of RKKA and is one of the highly respected Soviet awards issued to soldiers and lower reanking officers. Made of 25,8021,3 g of 925/1000 silver is total weight was 27,9301,52 g. As the most prestigious of medals it was worn first (similarly as was the Order of Lenin).

Over 4.6 million issued. Type one was issued until 1943 and variations 1&2 had a hand engraved number (vars. 3&4 were stamped). Known number ranges are var.1: 7 to 28256; var. 2: 28910 - 40254; var.3 50075 210563 and var.4: 155066 490828). Variations 1&2 had the letters filled with enamel which flushed (were even with medal's surface). Variations 3&4 letters were filled with paint and variation 4 of the medal was thinner (only 2.6 - 2.8mm) compared to 3 mm for the first 3 variations.

Type 2 was issued as of 18 June 1943 in four variations, all on a five-sided hanger. Variations 1&2 had letters painted and 3&4 were enameled but no serial number. Lowest known number 450826. Variations and subvariations are distinguished by numbering, whether ring was soldered or not or by its shape etc..

This is type 2 variation 1 with "wide" stamped serial numbers (ring on medal is soldered compared with u-shaped ring on var. 2 and as part of medal "flat" on var. 3 or "round" on var. 4). Sub-variations of var. 1&2 are distinguished by "broad or narrow" stamped serial numbers. A rare sub-variatiton is where the left tank track is just below the cover (see

This type has a soldered ring (no. 2551528 with document issued in 1946). I also have a spare copy no. 3191525 with document issued in 1947.

AAbundant, readily available, often in wholesale quantities.
CCommon, always available. Occasionally in quantity.
R1Usually available without a long delay. Difficult to find in quantity.
R2Scarce to rare, less seldom available.
R3Rare. Difficult to find.
R4Very rare. Demand outstrips supply, and specimens, when available are often eagerly sought.
R5Extremely rare and seldom available. Collector may have to search for a few years to locate one.
R6Of the highest rarity. Very difficult to obtain.
R7Almost never available. Most collectors will not have a chance to acquire these pieces.
R8Never been on the market. Almost impossible to obtain.
R*Not available for collections.


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